“Best Practice” continues to support use of ACLS-5 / LACLS-5

The Allen Cognitive Group / ACLS and LACLS Committee, publishes the Manual for Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 and Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (Allen, et al., 2007) and the associated assessment tools, and makes these resources available to therapists around the world through their website, www.allencognitive.org, and their vendor partners. The ACLS-5 and LACLS-5 are standardized, evidence-based assessments of functional cognition that generate scores which are interpreted using the cognitive disabilities model theory and the Allen scale of cognitive levels and modes (Allen, 1985; Allen, Earhart, & Blue, 1992; McCraith, Austin, & Earhart, 2011).  Their use is supported by 50 years of theory development, clinical expertise, and existing published research as well as current research being conducted or in the process of being published nationally and internationally.  In addition, both the national and international academic, clinical, and research OT community consider use of the 5th version of the ACLS and the supporting theory and research to be “best practice”.

Claudia Allen, who has departed from the Allen Cognitive Group / ACLS and LACLS Committee, is working to develop a subscriber only app that is based on a significant paradigm shift in theory, assessment, and intervention. It includes a tool called the ACLS-6 which includes a plastic form shaped like the LACLS tool and additional tasks. These items are only available to subscribers through her website.


Allen Cognitive Group / ACLS and LACLS Committee