Educators’ Corner

This area has been created for academic and clinical educators who are responsible for designing and presenting teaching/learning experiences based on the cognitive disabilities model developed by Claudia Allen and colleagues.  Over time, this area will offer various resources such as handouts, power point presentations, hands-on learning activities, recommended texts, references and audio-visual resources, sample lesson plans, and Q&As relevant to educators and their “learners”, e.g. students, colleagues, non-OTs, clients, and family members. If you have resources you would like to share, resources you would like to have, or questions related to teaching to the  cognitive disabilities model, please contact:

  1. Comparing the Allen Scale of Cognitive Levels and Modes with Other Global Measures of Function
  2. Allen Cognitive Levels and Modes of Performance and Level of Care
  3. Task Demands and Behavioral Responses in Allen Cognitive Level Screen Tasks
  4. Task Analysis by Allen, C.K. (1985)
  5. Summary of the Allen Scale Modes of Performance
  6. ACLS-5 and LACLS-5 Test: Psychometric Properties and Use of Scores for Evidence-Based Practice

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