A06: Disposable LACLS (package of 4)


Developed for use where strict infection control procedures must be observed. This fully disposable tool is designed for a single use or serial use with one individual, after which it should be discarded. Materials to set up four screening tools are provided per pack. Each pack includes: 4 disposable chipboard forms with embossed "ACLS & LACLS Committee Approved" stamp on front, 4 pre-cut shoelace lengths, 4 pieces of 60” lacing to be cut in half for use with each tool, set up instructions unique to the tool, and contact information to participate in a feedback survey. The LACLS[D] may be administered with or without needles and needles are not included in the pack. If needles are used, they should be sanitized following established facility protocols. Follow administration protocol in The Manual for the Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (ACLS-5) and Large Allen Cognitive Screen-5 (LACLS-5). Please note: the leather lacing in this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.