The Routine Task Inventory-Expanded (RTI-E; Katz, 2006) is an evidence-based, semi-standardized assessment tool developed within the framework of the cognitive disabilities model. The test is comprised of 25 Activites of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.  These routine tasks or activities are divided into four subscales: 1) Physical Scale-ADLs, 2) Community Scale-IADLs, 3) Communication Scale, and 4) Work Readiness Scale. Functional cognition is assessed based on therapists’ direct observation of performance in naturalistic contexts or on the perceptions of performance reported by the client or a caregiver using a checklist or standardized interview questions. Scores are associated with the Allen Scale of cognitive levels 1-6 and a mean score is calculated for each subscale. The manual for the RTI-E is available as a free download from the Allen Cognitive Network’s website.